Campaign OTP / ASAP

Simply Be Aware


Platform should be easy to understand & barrier-free with strict orientation to markets and needs


Holistic addressing in push & pull direction and interlink it with possibilities of the supply chain


Create digital, content-based conversion processes (lead-oriented) in the form of campaigns to set up sales funnels

Sustainably occupy markets in terms of communication!     > Employee Awareness & Security Awareness

Campaign goals

Simple language with a focus on raising employee awareness

Display the leverage for

  • pull (-> high demand for information, simple sensitization, „playful competition character“, avoidance of damage)
  • push (-> set standards with consulting quality, generate sales with little effort)

Demonstrating platform simplicity: easy ordering process, self-management features for end users, fast demo deployment

Development of push & pull sales funnel (Marketo):

Reduced persona concept, newsletter texts/other content and simple workflow

Digitally driven campaign with an absolutely linear persona concept

(simple, automated app; simple, profitable business model)

Occupying the market: Trend Security Awareness

Search volume: keyword research has shown that the market for security web-based training has not yet been sustainably occupied. We should use this chance (early adapter)!

Campaign goals

Keyvisual + Message

1. 2. 3. Be aware.
1. 2. 3. Simply be aware.
1. 2. 3. Simply be aware. by Kaspersky Lab

Three-stage landing page strategy

LP under Kaspersky**

→ end user (pull); CTA also push

  • Why „simply be aware“ (explanation)
    -> figures malware (study), added value for company and person (!) | People must perceive the sensitization as personal added value!
  • Simple video (light junk approach)*
  • Self-test with scoring
  • Three steps to „simply be aware“ 1. 2. 3. (from the end customer’s point of view)

CTA for resellers and end customers at all levels (download, direct link to the test portal, contact person, optional: distributor- and partner-finder, webinar/-cast, invitation to roadshow)

*Video for end customers, also for paid campaign (social media/paid add)

**Exposed (button/tile) on Kaspersky site.
If not: danger of campaign break!

Landing page strategy

LP under distribution

→ resellers and VARs*** (alternatively banner)

  • Why „simply be aware“ -> leverage/margin/business development/business enablement for retailers
  • Video push
  • Identification of the market potential
    Resellers and VARs must understand the potential in connection with simple, profitable marketing.
  • Represent the chain of argumentation
    Resellers and VARs must understand the potential in connection with simple, profitable marketing.
  • Three steps to „simply be aware“ 1. 2. 3. (from the reseller’s point of view)

***Embedding in the partner area within the Kaspersky site
If not: danger of campaign break!

LP under resellers + VARs

→ end user pull (alternatively banner)

  • Integration as plug-in (=complete landing page) at partner/VAR website
  • Simplified version of the LP under Kaspersky; additionally as snip-in of „LP under Kaspersky“. Objective: Achieve maximum reach into the depths of the sub-markets

Additional content assets and traffic boosters

PR | SEM | SEO | Social Media | Banner | Content Marketing

  • PR

    (press release, technical article, trend paper*, interview channel, interview trade media, references)

    • Creates an editorial awareness for the topic of employee awareness in the IT security area(formation of opinions)
    • Introduces the features/leverages of automated learning platforms
    • Indicates compliance benefits and the benefits of informed employees (loss prevention, mitigation, IT cost savings)
    • *Content Add -> Integration to the lead generation
    • Communicative occupation of the markets
  • SEM
    • Paid Search: keyword strategy, adwords campaign planning, reporting and optimization
  • SEO
    • Text alignment, adaptation of the landing page metas (holistically related to all contents)
  • Social Media
    • LinkedIn/Facebook campaign (paid socials)
  • Banners
    • Media-Outreach: push / pull (examples)
    • Webinars for new partners and registered resellers (e.g. CRN)
    • Newsletter banner/microsite (ITB /ChannelPartner)
    • Participation in events (marketing equipment/roll-ups „simply be aware“)
  • Content-Marketing

    (synergy effect PR/marketing)

    • Content campaign with brand piece (Focus Online, Huff-Post etc.)
    • C-Level end customer awareness (Why security awareness is important)


  • HR
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Government
  • Critical infrastructure (KRITIS)
  • PR, Banners, Content Adds

General recommendations

General recommendations



Incentivation of distributors & simple, understandable and long-term promotion for SMB

→ strong platform for PR




Customer-/Conversion journey must be shortened significantly (shortening Go to Market!)

Example ideal case end customer:

Enters the platform > selects a dealer plus desired service > online ordering process starts

All other processes = Background forms


Avoidance of exits due to complex ordering process



Presentation of the platform and the process is too complex from our point of view!

Recommended process:

The start must be easy; the complexity may only increase slightly in the course of familiarization!



Examples of existing product names:

  • Online Training Platform (OTP)
  • Security Awareness Platform
  • Security Education Platform
  • Kaspersky Awareness Platform
  • Employee Skills Training Platform

With „simply be aware“ we create an expectation, i.e. a customer promise. If we do not deliver, there is a risk of „bad user experience“ in conjunction with low engagement factor or exits.